Why Cold Approach Is The BEST Way To Meet Women !


Jun 17 2020 • 12 mins

You are required to be a confident man in order to meet the right partner.  Otherwise you'll just take what you can get.  It is not always clear that the right woman for you will be in you environment or will ever cross your path by destiny.  And even if you were that lucky.  Why would you leave things in the hands of luck.  Even if she were to cross your path you would have to have the courage to even talk to her.  And chances are even if she is in you path you don't have the resolute.  The reference experience required to make it happen then and there because for many years the conditioning has been to ignore and look away from this area of your life,  to accept what is told to you and that is why for the teens and the early adult years and beyond man on average experience catastrophic dating lives full of confusion and pain.  It is my duty as a dating coach to give the advice that will guide you in the direction of having the highest chances of scoring the right partner for yourself or at least knowing that there is a bigger playing field out there.  One in which you will end up finding out things beyond the silliness of dating.

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