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Vikram Betal is an ancient Indian story collection of a king and a ghost. These popular stories from ancient India were originally written in Sanskrit and have been translated into various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, English, and Marathi. Every narrative contains a moral lesson for the listeners.

According to folklore, the King of Ujjain, Vikramaditya or Vikram, is said to have promised to bring a ghost named Betal to a sage to help him complete his prayers. Following Vikram’s encounter with Betal, the ghost agrees to accompany him on one condition. During the journey, Betal will tell King Vikram a story and will ask him a question in the end. If Vikram gave the right answer, then Betal will fly back to his tree. If Vikram knowingly decided to stay quiet, then he will end up losing his life, and only if Vikram really doesn't know the answer to Betal's question, he can take Betal to the sage. And thus began the journey of Vikram and Betal.

Chimes Radio has brought the finest stories from this collection which can be listened to and enjoyed by kids and families.

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Who is smarter (चतुर कौन हुआ)?Why did the thief laughed and cried (चोर हंसा क्यूँ और रोया क्यों)?Who's most educated (सबसे शिक्षित कौन)?Whose sacrifice is greater (किसका बलिदान बड़ा)?Whose favor is greater (किसका उपकार बड़ा)?Who are husband and wife (पति पत्नी कौन)?Who should be the groom (वर कौन हुआ)?Whose sacrifice is bigger (किसका त्याग बड़ा)?Who's the husband (पति कौन हुआ)?Who's committed the sin (पाप किसका था)?Introduction