23: Quit Doing. Start Being

Personal Development Without The Fluff

13-04-2017 • 59 mins

Show Notes: SatoriPrime.com/23 We’re assessing things in our life like it’s a challenge. Nothing is a challenge. Everything is an opportunity. (click to tweet) It will blow your mind how much innate knowledge you have, that you are currently not aware of. Learn how to tap into your oversoul, which operates in an entirely different dimension. It’s time for you to break free of the puppet strings that control your life, your actions, and most importantly, your thoughts. This week’s Podcast is a very special taping feature Guy and his good friend Marci. We discuss the experiences we’ve had within this universe, that don’t exactly translate to this dimension. We’ve been on soul searching, and in this case, soul-finding adventures across the globe to dig deep and reinstall the implementation experienced in familiar settings. Once you’re at oneness, you’re constantly being energized. (click to tweet) The Cliff Notes: Your cellular memory is 5,000 times stronger than your mental memory. We are only scratching the surface in life due to forcing the thought that we don’t believe to be true in our system. Even when we think we’re operating consciously, we’re still doing some things by force. There is magic within us. We have dormant superpowers within us. We are all superstars! There are things we know, that we are not aware of. Imprinting is used to describe situations in which an animal or person learns the characteristics of some stimulus, which is therefore said to be "imprinted" onto the subject. Crystallized consciousness is Christine consciousness. We’re all universally connected. Truth feels like remembering. Truth sets you free. It makes you feel good. Logic does not exist in this dimension. The mental construct of language is distinction based. “Infinite” is available to us in third density. Your oversoul is operating in 5th dimension. Everything in your experience right now is something your oversoul is creating. Pre-program your first hour or two of the day. The morning should be about alignment. Align your chakras! Night time is all about activation. If you feel good, good things happen to you, if you feel bad, bad things happen to you. Time doesn’t heal wounds. What heals it is you making a choice to declare your freedom. (click to tweet) Links: http://mlbadassbreakthroughadventures.com/optin Show Notes: SatoriPrime.com/23

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