The 7 Tenants of Aging, Safely Eating a Donut Per Day, Micro-Dosing Supplements | Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

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19-10-2022 • 40 mins

Interested in longevity and “anti-aging”? Or increasing your quality of life throughout your later years (called healthspan) so that you can make a bigger difference? Advancements are coming fast. This is part one of an exploration into the new science of longevity and optimal living. We discuss the primary tenants of aging and our guest’s approach to targeting each. To live a long time, you’ll need to manage your blood sugar. Our guest this week has the most comprehensive blood glucose stabilization protocol I’ve come across. All that and much more with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann.

Meet our guest

In the realm of Longevity, Dr. Sandra Kaufmann is the author and creator of the Kaufmann Protocol, a systematic explanation of why we age on a cellular basis coupled with an organized system to delay the aging process. This theory was introduced in the book, The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop it, which has been recognized by many longevity leaders as the go-to tome for understanding the aging process. More recently she wrote, The Kaufmann Protocol: Aging Solutions.

Sandy is well respected in the longevity community for presenting viable and scientifically based aging solutions that are available to everyone. She appears on weekly podcasts around the world, sits on longevity boards, and has spoken at innumerable health and biohacking seminars.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • Seven tenant aging system encapsulates the current information and is succinct enough to remember
  • "Lack of sleep is a failure of your circadian rhythms"
  • Sirtuins power the circadian rhythm and they require NAD to function
  • Dr. Kaufmann uses a 7-step process to offset the biological damage of consuming a donut every day
  • Micro-dosing many longevity agents creates a powerful synergy
  • How to evaluate the long-term safety and efficacy of supplements
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