S1-E11 Zero power, Zero chemicals, Zero waste sewage treatment technology!


09-01-2022 • 19 mins

Did you know that India generated 72,368 MLD (million litres per day) of sewage water in 2021?  In which 31,841 MLD (43.9 percent) was treated in installed STPs, so around 56.1 percent of waster is wasted. To address this, its very important to find an efficient way to treat sewage water to stop water wastage. ECO STP technologies, is a Bangalore based startup which uses the bio mimicry of cow's digestive system to treat the sewage water, this patented technology is sustainable as it involves no use of chemicals, power and waste plus it is free from odour nuisance. The quality of treated water obeys all the norms prescribed CPCB.  Join the conversation with Lokesh Rajeshekaraiah, Head of Operations of ECO STP Technologies, to know more.. If you have any guest suggestions for next episode kindly mail your host POOJA R V via prv480172@gmail.com and check out my instagram handle @namaste_peoplee to know whose suggestion gets selected, so keep rolling mails. ECO STP Technologies website: http://www.ecostp.com/about-us/