235. As a society we over emphasize work and income and our prestige

Business Buyer Diaries: the Reality Before, During, and After

Jun 10 2024 • 6 mins

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Gathered around the clink of poker chips and the laughter of friends, our latest game night unfolded into an evening where careers took a backseat to camaraderie. As the cards were dealt, we exchanged not just playful banter but the stories of our lives, peeling back the layers of what truly defines us beyond our job titles. From the software developer with a knack for dry humor to the anthropologist with eyes set on urban development, each introduction sparked a reminder that our identities are as multifaceted as the hands we played.

The room buzzed with the energy of shared experiences, as a parent among singles and newlyweds offered a fresh perspective on life's various stages. It's not every day you find a group so diverse yet so united in the quest for genuine connection, sans the influence of alcohol. As we laughed and strategized through each game, we wove a tapestry of tales that challenged the societal pressures of identity and success. Join us as we recount a night that celebrated not only the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat but the joy of discovering the interesting and fulfilling lives that each of us leads.

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