VIBErations Episode 16 - Paul 'Jacko' Jackson

VIBErations Podcast

22-06-2021 • 37 mins

VIBErations podcast Ep 16. Paul Jackson - Colonial ex-HK Policeman interviewed @ VIBE Book & Music Shop, Lantau Island, Hong Kong on 27th Jan 2021

Paul was born in Malta and spent an early childhood there and in Germany before his parents decided to return to their roots in Northern England – he still blames them for his love of Barnsley football club (the nearest team) which he can’t seem to shake.

Qualified in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, upon graduation from Liverpool University in 1988, Paul naturally decided to seek a career in the Royal Hong Kong Police – there was just something about the uniform!! Thus began a lifetime of adventures! One of Paul’s early postings was as Inspector in charge of Tai O Police Station – Like most who served there, it turned out to be the most memorable time in his career… more on that later! He also had the honour of being the last inspector to officially live in Tai O Police Station (now the Heritage Hotel). Tai O was also the only place where Paul needed to open fire – three shots… three kills! The rest of Paul’s early Police career was spent on Marine Police boats dealing with smugglers, illegal immigrants and Vietnamese refugees.

Mostly working for Les Bird! In the mid 90s the world started changing as technology came to the fore – Paul’s engineering background suddenly became highly relevant, and he was pulled into technology related policing and this proved to be a turning point. From there on, he helped found the Police’s technology crime investigation capability and supported many major investigations where the technical components proved pivotal. In 2010, it was time for change and the lure of the dark-side proved too much.

Paul moved to JP Morgan and was quickly promoted to run global cyber investigations. Unfortunately, this meant leaving HK for a while to live in New York, but the experiences there were immense. It also set him up for the current phase in his career once he had escaped from the USA to return to Hong Kong. Paul now lives back on Lantau in Cheung Sha and he is proud to lead Kroll’s Asia Pacific Cyber Risk Practice. Paul has been a keen rugby and football player during his time in HK and holds the proud record of being the least successful Oldbill captain ever. These days he prefers golf, and can sometimes be seen running slowly along Lantau’s many trails, or out in his Kayak off the coast of Pui O and Cheung Sha – that is, when he is not in Vibe Bookshop!

10 Questions….

1. Favourite book or author? - 'Freakanomics' by Malcolm Gladwell

2. Favourite musical artist? - REM

3. Preferred drink? - HK San Miguel

4. Life motto? - Open your mind before you open your mouth

5. Favourite hk walk? - Shek Pick to Tai O via Fan Lau

6. Favourite hk restaurant? - La Pampa in Soho & Wong Wah Tea house Tai O

7. Faced with a python whilst walking up to the Peak – what would you do? - Run! Snake phobia…

8. Best advice you were given? - You wanna be a pig why not join HK police

9. Finish this sentence… I live in Hong Kong because…It's an adventure

10. Favourite area of Hong Kong? - Tai O