WOTA #039 - ”Why is this Happening?!”

Way of the Artist Podcast

Nov 26 2019 • 46 mins

- When you get into a tough spot in life you may ask yourself... "why is this happening?" The answer you come up with is the narrative you tell about yourself, your life and what it all means. In a lot of ways we make it all up, but we don't always realize that we have this power. We are creative beings who use logic and deduction to understand things, to make sense of things, but out logic and creativity can work against us as much as it works for us. KEY INSIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: #1) everything that happens can serve you if you allow it to do so #2) sometimes pain is our best teacher and guide, if we listen to it #3) passion is uncovered when we find our love in the whole thing TO TAKE IT FURTHER… …If you enjoyed the episode please SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, SHARE it with friends and consider SUPPORTING the show on Patreon for further access to Way of the Artist… — www.patreon.com/wayoftheartist —