Healing Power of Breathwork with Samantha Skelly

Make Shift Happen with Samantha Daily

Nov 25 2020 • 55 mins

Ever struggled with your relationship with food and exercise? Have you done the whole "binge-restrict" thing too? Felt like losing weight or getting fit was the secret to your happiness? You're not alone.

(TRIGGER WARNING: disordered eating)

I'm so excited for you guys to tune in to this week's episode because we have Samantha Skelly on the show!!! For anyone who doesn’t know Sam, she’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur, international speaker, wellness coaching expert & most recently... BEST SELLING AUTHOR!

Sam is known as the breathwork queen and is the founder of PAUSE breath work and the revolutionary coaching certification program, Hungry for Happiness (which is also the name of her new book!) and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be your next online bestie who’s into all the same weird bio hacking and spiritual shit you are.

In this episode we talk about her journey with emotional eating and body image struggles but we also go DEEP on a lot of self-work and spirituality topics! If you’ve ever struggled to love yourself as fully as you’d like to, you’re going to have so many take aways from this conversation.

We chat:

  • Clearing your central energy channel
  • Understanding your inner child’s needs
  • Sam’s journey with emotional eating, bingeing and restricting
  • Healing her relationship with food through breathwork
  • How to not spiritually bypass your own challenging experiences
  • Why trusting the universe and choosing to believe in something is SO beneficial
  • How breathwork can connect you directly to your intuition

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Connect with Samantha Skelly:
Instagram: @samanthaskelly / @hungryforhappiness / @pausebreathwork

Hungry for Happiness Coaching Certification: https://www.hungryforhappiness.com/become-a-coach/

Grab a copy of the book: Hungry For Happiness on Amazon