In the Zone with Abhinav Bindra

In The Zone with Abhinav Bindra

In the Zone is an audio show hosted by India's First Individual Gold Medalist, Abhinav Bindra, that traverses through the journey of athletes, their discipline, routine, and commitment that gets them in the zone. An Under 25 Original read less

In the Zone with Abhinav Bindra | Niccolò Campriani
In the Zone with Abhinav Bindra | Niccolò Campriani
This episode of In the Zone features Abhinav Bindra in conversation with one of his fiercest rivals on the shooting range who has turned into one of his closest friends off the range - Italian shooter and Coach - Niccolo Campriani Nico is one of the most decorated Olympic athlete in the field of Shooting and in this conversation, he highlights his obsession with winning and how missing out on the finals in 2008 Beijing propelled him into working harder. Post his retirement, Nico has started the Make a Mark program, where athletes from war torn areas are identified and groomed to compete at the highest level. Show Notes 00:57 - How was your first experience at the Olympic Games in 2008 and what was your learning? 03:22 - What did winning mean to you? Looking back, do you think that society has made winning too big? 06:18 - How did you find the balance between your sport and your education? 09:15 - Were you able to keep the balance going after completing time as a student athlete? 12:03 - 2010 and 2011 - What did your successes mean to you? How did you deal with the expectations that came along with your successes? 13:43 - 6th August 2012 -  How did you cope with the void that is left after achieving your dream of winning an Olympic Gold 16:33 - Did you ever feel in control during Olympic Finals? 18:06 - 2016 - How did you come to the decision of retirement? Was it thought through or was it a decision taken on the spot? 20:56 - Nico’s reaction post winning the Gold medal in Rio and what he did after winning the medal 24:04 - About the Make a Mark Project 24:55 - Nico’s experience training refugee athletes as part of the Make a Mark Project 25:56 - How do you plan to carry the legacy of Make a Mark project forward? 28:10 - How do you look back at your career, now that you have retired? 30:50 - How does Nico get In The Zone? 32:05 - Parting greetings