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This podcast is for Levantine colloquial Arabic students of all levels, who are looking to improve their listening and speaking skills and who want to expand their vocabulary and Arabic knowledge. During the podcast episodes, Deewan team are going to interview Arabic students and locals to Amman and the Levant region, and they are going to talk about different topics, especially those that interest Arabic learners, as well as the personal experiences of the people they speak to.

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Season 3 Introduction ( Arabic & English )
Season 3 Introduction ( Arabic & English )
Hello and welcome to season 3 of the Deewan Arabic Podcast!  We are excited to continue the success of both season 1 and 2 as thousands of you from around the world have listened in. From Amazon and Deewan, an accompanying book is available for season 1 containing all of the transcribed episodes, a glossary of terms from each episode and written exercises. The  book for season 2 will be released in the near future.  I am Angela,  living in the beautiful city of Amman and a student at Deewan. I am excited to host season 3 of this podcast series. If you are also in Amman please do pop by Deewan School and listen on the Podcast listening station, and browse the  book.  Thank you to everyone featuring on this series and also to the teachers, students and all involved in the last two series. Last season episodes ranged from more light hearted topics of sport, being a vegetarian in Jordan and what it is like to own a dog in Amman to more detailed discussions of the Refugee crisis and Jordanian Heritage. This season includes podcasts in Fusha as well as the colloquial dialect from this region. For more aural amusement Deewan have also curated several Spotify playlists that showcase different music from across the Levant region and are certainly worth checking out.  From everyone at Deewan, thank you so much for listening and we do hope that you enjoy season 3.The transcription of this episode is provided in the Guide to Deewan Arabic Podcast, along with its translation, this book is available on Amazon and at Deewan institute in Amman - Jordan.To learn more about our curriculum books and our digital library:1. The Comprehensive Guide to Levantine Arabic2. The Comprehensive Guide to M.S.A3. The 1000 Most Used Words in Spoken Arabicplease visit our website or email us at info@deewaninstitute.comThe Guide to Deewan Arabic PodcastThe Comprehensive Guide to Levantine Arabichttps://www.deewaninstitute.comYoutubeFacebookInstagramPublic Episode Page.مرحبا!! و أهلاً فيكم بالمَوسِم التّالِت مِن بودكاست ديوان مْكَملين بَعد نَجاح المَوسِمَين الأوَّل والتّاني و وُصولنا لآلاف المُسْتَمِعين مِن حَول العالَم! كتاب الدليل الى بودكاست ديوان بالعَرَبي للموسم الاوَّل صار مِتوَفِّر في معهد ديوان و امازونبهاد الكتاب في نُصوص الحَلقات و مَعاني الكَلِمات و تَمارين مُتَنَوِّعةاما كتاب المَوسِم التَّاني فَـرَح يكون مِتوَفِّر عَن قَريب انا انجيلا، ساكنِة هَلأ في مَدينة عَمّان الحِلوة، و كَمان انا طالِبِة في ديوان. و إِزا كُنتوا في عَمّان زوروا مَعهَد ديوان عَشان تِسمَعوا لَلبودكاست و تِقرأوا مِن الكتاب. شُكراً لَكُل اللي اِشتَرَكوا في عَمَل هاد البودكاست مِن طُلّاب و مُعَلمين و كَمان اللي اِشتَغَلوا على المَواسم السابقة. في المَوسِم الماضي تنَوَّعَت الحَلقات بَين مَواضيع خَفيفِة مِتل الرّياضَة و حَياة النَباتيين و تَربِيِة الكلاب في عَمّان، و مَواضيع أَعمَق مِتل أَزمِة اللاجِئين و التُّراث الأُردُني. في هاد المَوسِم رَح يِكون في حَلقات بالفُصحى و بِالعاميةبَنصحكُم كتير تِسمعوا البلايليستس في حساب ديوان على السبوتيفاي اللي فيه أَغاني مِن بِلاد عَربِيِّة مُختَلِفِة مِن ديوان بنشكُركُم على الاستِماع و بنِتمَنّى تِستَمتِعوا بِهادَ المَوسِم