Marcus Strategy Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Marcus Strategy

03-06-2020 • 6 mins

Everything going well for us at the moment. The market is still focused on recovery with energy, travel, resources, auto, technology and even the banks doing rather nicely.  With the market ignoring the negatives (trade issues, riots, relapse risk) we find ourselves trying to get the best out of the recovery rather than sitting in dull long term stocks. That means buying stocks that have recovery potential rather than stocks that are good quality long term stocks. To ice the cake we have been looking to tweak the strategy even more acutely to recovery, which involves, if you've got them, rotating out of dull stagnant non-recovery stocks (Food, Healthcare, Telecoms, Utilities) into recovery sectors. Switching Telstra into Worley for instance (just an example). But the big picture is just what the doctor ordered. One day it will change. But not today.