Here We Go Again with Stacey Solomon


Stacey Solomon has just had a baby...several years after her last baby! What's changed, how are things different, what's acceptable, what new stuff is there to make the process less daunting? In each episode Stacey sparks debate around all subjects surrounding childbirth and what it means to be a new mum in 2019. From friends popping in, to famous faces and even the possible inclusion of the man who got her into this mess (Joe Swash)....the conversation will flow and the topics will be covered in a similar way to Loose Women......but with parenthood at the centre of the show read less

Trying to breastfeed, but it's not working. With Kerry from La Leche League
Trying to breastfeed, but it's not working. With Kerry from La Leche League
Stacey so desperately wanted to breastfeed her new born Rex. She wanted to feel the skin to skin relationship and the wholesome bond of nourishing her baby with her milk. But Stacey discovered that something wasn't quite right. And as time went by, breastfeeding became harder and more painful. Her milk flow became interrupted, her breasts became engorged and felt like they were on fire. Stacey felt terrible when she decided to stop her attempts to feed, and has always blamed herself. But in this episode, with Kerry from La Leche League, who's volunteers help mothers like Stacey with breastfeeding difficulties, we discover that things may not be as they seem. What if there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for what went wrong? Imagine the relief Stacey would feel. You can hear this incredible emotional and fascinating exchange between Stacey and Kerry from La Leche League right now. Listen and subscribe now, to Here We Go Again on Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts! And if this episode affects you or someone you know, be sure to contact La Leche League for further information, details below: Twitter/Insta/FB/Web @StaceySolomon @LLLGB Thanks to Google, the sponsors of this podcast, we’ll be talking about internet safety and ways that we can help children become safe and confident explorers of the online world. Find out more about their programme Be Internet Legends here - Or check out the Family Link App here -