Ep 96. ”Body Signs” (Part 2 of our Interview with Chris Keller)

The Apprenticeship Diaries

06-09-2021 • 1 hr 43 mins

In this second part, we learn how passionate Chris is about his art. It's incredible when we find the thing in life to keep pushing for. Of course, our families and loved ones, but it could be the hope and need to paint again.

Thank you so very much for this time Chris. We can't wait to visit, see your studio, watch the stars and find one more human to keep being inspired by.

Chris is the owner and operator of Kellers Sign Shop in Hagerstown, MD. If you're local, you probably already know Chris, but if you're out of state or country, you can find him on the internet: IG, Facebook Email Chris at: kellerssigns@gmail.com

Hosts: Amy Nicholls & Rico Illiano

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