The Heir and the Spare

Born to Rule: When Charles is King

Jun 20 2022 • 39 mins

During her Platinum Jubilee celebration this year, Queen Elizabeth greeted the crowds from the balcony at Buckingham Palace, dressed in bright blue with a cane in hand, at 96 years old… there’s no denying change is coming. On her left: William, Kate, and the kids. On her right: Charles and Camilla. The message was clear — this is the future of the monarchy, with Charles at the helm. In our final episode, we’re taking a look at what’s next for the royal family. From Charles to William to little George, what does a modern monarchy look like? Where do Harry and Meghan fit in? And after 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, is the world ready for King Charles?

This episode of Born to Rule was recorded before King Charles became King. Through our series, you get to hear in real time what we are thinking as events unfold -- extraordinary Royal events that have both uplifted the Royal family and rocked it to the core.

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