Power and the Palace

Born to Rule: When Charles is King

Jun 13 2022 • 31 mins

The royal family is no stranger to controversy — and Prince Charles has often been at the center of the scandal-du-jour. What happens when he takes on the job of maintaining the monarchy’s public image… the one he’s been accused of tarnishing over the years? We’ll take a look at the more recent scandals Charles has had to manage alongside the Queen – from questions about how some of his charities raise money to his brother Prince Andrew’s settlement in a sexual abuse lawsuit, to his son Prince Harry’s departure from the Firm. What other challenges might lie ahead for the future king, and how will he manage them?

This episode of Born to Rule was recorded before King Charles became King. Through our series, you get to hear in real time what we are thinking as events unfold -- extraordinary Royal events that have both uplifted the Royal family and rocked it to the core.

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