173 The Selfie CEO and the Impact of Selfie Culture on Leadership | Mahan Tavakoli Partnering Leadership Insight

Partnering Leadership

05-07-2022 • 10 mins

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks about the impact of selfie culture on leadership.  Mahan shares thoughts on selfie leadership, servant leadership, and partnering leaders' fundamental mindset and behaviors.  From storytelling to the pictures on social media, how we think about leadership impacts attitudes and behaviors.

Some highlights:

-What contributes to selfie leadership

-Servant leadership's role in countering selfie leadership

-The impact of selfie leaders on their team and organization

-The need for a more balanced view and practices of leadership

-How to be a partner leader rather than a selfie leader


- Ken Blanchard (Listen to Ken Blanchard’s episode on Partnering Leadership here)

- Joseph Campbell, author of "The Hero's Journey”

- David Fagiano (Listen to David Fagiano’s episode on Partnering Leadership here)

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