100% Guarantee Crack any Python Interview 🔥

Upskill & Reskill with BEPEC

11-01-2023 • 17 mins

100% Guarantee Crack any Python Interview

Learn Python Tutorial for Beginners, Check out this #1 Python Lecture on Introduction to Python

Everyone wants to be a Data Scientist/AI/Machine Learning/Data Analyst but are you learning company-demanded skills?

To get a job in Data Science/AI, One must build a portfolio.

✅Learners are wasting time than money due to improper roadmap on Data Science/AI

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The only course which builds real-time experience in Data Science/Machine Learning/AI/Data Analytics🔥

Join our BEPEC Data Science/AI/Machine Learning Career Transition Program:
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Enroll Our Career Transition Program on Data Science/AI/Machine Learning contains below topics
1. Induction Classes
2. Mastering Python from basics
3. Statistics, ML, NLP & Advanced ML
4. AI/MLOps/Streamlit & Heroku Deployment
5. CMLA for Data Science Lifecycle
6. Tableau
7. Excel
8. Power BI
9. Deep Learning[Feed Forward Neural Networks]
10. Computer Vision using Tensorflow
11. Forecasting
12. Transfer Learning
13. MySQL
14. Paid Internship with BEPEC on Data Science/AI
15. Data Science with R
16. AWS Sagemaker Studio

Key Takeaways:
1. Internship while learning the course
2. Paid Internship Opportunity while learning course(You need to crack the interview)
3. Unique Live Projects which increase your resume selection
4. 3+ POC which are mandatory for interviews
5. Customised Career Transition Roadmap based on learners' challenges
6. 100% Support until you get placed
7. Flexible entry & exit points, you can attend training any number of times until you get placed.
8. Mindmap Driven Learning for Revision and Easy Learning while Preparing for Interviews
11. Holistic Learning with 360+ Hours of Content
12. Tuition Classes on Weekdays
13. Weekend Live Classes on Saturday & Sunday

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