Logassa Stotra | Logas Ka Paath

Logassa Stotra

Logassa Stotra | Logassa Ke Paath. Fast and Easy to Follow | For Quick Dhyaan | Logassa Ka Dhyaan 5 Logassa Ka Paath | 7 Logassa Ka Paath | 11 Logassa Ka Paath | 108 Logassa Ka Paath | 108 Logassa Ki Mala If you're driving, listening via pods/ear phones or simply wanting to play these on repeat mode and meditate or sleep, this is the perfect speed you want it at. Jin Shashan Dev ki Jai! Saare Teerthankaron Ko Namo Naman! #Logas #Logassa #LogassaKaPaath #LogassaKaDhyaan read less
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