On The Spot | "Cocaine Cowboy" (Feat. Charles Cosby)

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04-08-2022 • 57 mins

Charles Cosby is the ex-lover of Griselda Blanco aka "The Godmother Of Cocaine". He joins the show to discuss the events that led up to him meeting Griselda, how it was being with her and all the repercussions that came with being tied to The Godmother.

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Griselda Blanco has acquired many monikers in her 65 years. The Colombian drug dealer earned the title of "Cocaine Queen" in 1970s New York, and she became La Madrina — AKA "The Godmother" — when she moved her operations to Miami. Because of her tendency to bump off her own husbands, three in all, she has also been dubbed "Black Widow."

Blanco got busted in California in 1985, and she was subsequently convicted in federal court of conspiring to import cocaine.

The conviction made the nightly news, which is how Charles Cosby, a small-time street hustler from Oakland, California, learned about her. He was gob-smacked, he says. "My drug dealing was confined to the hood," he recounts in a telephone interview from California. "I couldn't see beyond the ghetto. I never knew anything about the higher echelons."

Cosby saw Blanco as a role model, someone to be emulated. In 1991, he sent a fan letter to her California prison cell, and she wrote back. The two struck up a fast correspondence friendship. Authorities wouldn't let Cosby, then 23, meet the 51-year-old Blanco in person because, he says, he was on probation for carrying a machine gun.

But after months of written exchanges plus daily phone conversations, Cosby finally got cleared for a jailhouse visit.

"I'll never forget it," he says. "When the officers brought her in, everything stopped. She commanded the attention of the entire room. She was beautiful. She immediately embraced me and stuck her tongue in my mouth."

According to authorities, Blanco was behind many of the murders that rocked Miami in the late 1970s and early 1980s as cocaine dealers resurrected the murderous mayhem of Prohibition-era Chicago. In the midst of the torrid cocaine wars, hundreds of people were killed — flattened by machine guns, murdered execution-style on back streets, sometimes rubbed out in public places in the bright Florida sunshine. Via ; Broward Palm Beach New Times.

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