On The Spot | "Mr. Wineberry" (Feat. Jessie Wineberry)

On The Spot at The Spot

28-07-2022 • 52 mins

Assemblyman Wineberry sits down with St. Nick and Mr. McGlover to discuss current events.

Jesse Wineberry served five terms in the Washington State House of Representatives from 1985 to 1995. He was first elected at age 29 while still attending law school. He later became the state's first African American to be selected as House majority whip. A Democrat serving districts that included central and south Seattle, he was a self-described "advocate for the under-represented," working to provide jobs, job training, workplace childcare, and small-business loans for minorities, and pushing for reduction of youth violence. He was instrumental in the creation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a state holiday and was a regularly featured speaker at Seattle observances honoring the late civil rights leader. Wineberry's greatest political victory came in the 1992 Democratic primary when he unseated John L. O'Brien (1911-2007), the nation's longest-serving state legislator.

Jessie Wineberry : https://www.historylink.org/File/11147

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