On The Spot | "Room For Error" (Feat. Marcus Smith aka "youknowmaaacus")

On The Spot at The Spot

14-07-2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

Marcus Smith aka "youknowmaaacus" returns to the show!

Marcus Smith : https://bit.ly/3sqR7n6

St. Nick : https://bit.ly/3voTM36

Kyendra : https://bit.ly/3KoFt2a

Shot, Edited, Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Rob Nova : https://bit.ly/3BYJpnX

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"On The Spot" is an informative, social, entertainment and opinionated show. Based around social commentary on current events, music, fashion, social consciousness and social issues that seem to plague our generation. We welcome various guest appearances from entertainers, athletes, comedians, theologians, and politicians.

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