089 / P11: A Scottish Marriage

Fortune's Wheel: A Podcast History of the Late Middle Ages

18-01-2023 • 39 mins

Episode 89 / Patreon Episode 11: A Scottish Marriage

Something a little special on this one. This is a joint-Patreon Members Only / public podcast episode! We’re taking a look at “circa 1070 Scotland” and how it informs the overall narrative of William’s conquest of England, including Malcolm’s inexpressibly important marriage to Margaret of the House of Alfred, Edgar Aethling’s own sister, who would one day be canonized as St. Margaret. For my Patreon supporters, THANK YOU as always, and for all of my listeners of the public podcast I THANK YOU, as well! I love doing this, and I love even more that I’m providing something you find valuable enough as to give your time. Nothing is more precious than someone’s time. So, again, THANK YOU all.

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