B2B Marketing Needs Don Draper


B2B needs Don Draper. We all need to remember the marketing lessons that Don Draper intuitively knew. B2B marketing has become repetitive – there’s an overfocus on the rational, on sales activation, and short-term goals. B2B marketers have forgotten the human element of advertising that Don Draper always looked for, the importance of finding the emotional truth that should drive every campaign. And we’ve forgotten the one thing that Don Draper never did; to be successful, you need to stand out. Brands don’t become famous by staying in the crowd. read less

The Power of Personalization and Sustainability Storytelling in B2B Marketing
Jul 11 2023
The Power of Personalization and Sustainability Storytelling in B2B Marketing
Jose Pepe Gorbea is an inspirational leader guiding HP's pursuit of revolutionizing digital packaging technology across the globe.Jose is head of Brands, Agencies, and Sustainability Innovation at HP and manages an international team focused on educating and inspiring brands with a human-centric communication framework. His team's work revolves around personalization and sustainability storytelling, driving meaningful marketing innovations that lead to increased penetration and growth in ROI.With a career spanning over two decades, Jose has harnessed his vast experience to successfully navigate both B2B and B2C sectors. His primary focus is centered on empowering marketers to co-create distinctive brand assets, fostering strategic global partnerships on sustainability and creativity, and accelerating HP's digital print technology adoption worldwide through personalized, sustainable innovation.His work has placed HP at the forefront of making other companies better, guided by the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.We discuss:Embracing the power of simplicity and significance in achieving business goals. How to not just be creative, but be able to sell and market your ideas and solutions effectively.How to find purpose and meaning in your marketing career.How to take a proactive approach to problem-solving and making positive changes in the world. Prioritizing human-to-human connections in marketing strategies.