#037: Prem Kumar Gokuladasan on How Technology Can Transform India’s Rural Education

The ContraMinds Podcast

Feb 2 2023 • 1 hr 42 mins

Prem Kumar is the founder of Kalvi40, a mobile educational technology app that is transforming the way education is imparted to over 750 Government schools across 26 districts in Tamil Nadu.

A seasoned IT delivery Manager with a career that spanned 19 years across companies like HCL and TCS, Prem Kumar took a leap of faith in creating Kalvi40 when he observed gaps in the way education was reaching school children in Tamil Nadu’s Hinterland.

With a global collaborative volunteer network which helps Kalvi40 create content for the kids, Prem Kumar today has managed to reach over 750 Government schools across 26 districts in Tamil Nadu.

Listen to Prem’s fascinating journey in this podcast where Swami delves deep into the what, why and how of Kalvi40, including:

  • How Prem was inspired to start Kalvi40
  • What made Prem take the ultimate leap of faith
  • Understanding what “rural India” really means
  • How Prem built the platform from scratch
  • Discovering the difference between Corporate Outsourcing and Social Outsourcing
  • The distinction between Purpose and Process in Social Startups
  • The challenges of running a social startup

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