The Super CMO Show - Marc de Swaan Arons (#001)

The ContraMinds Podcast

Jan 13 2023 • 1 hr 22 mins


Mark de Swaan Arons is a thought leader in global marketing leadership. An experienced marketing hand, Marc had a successful 14-year career with Unilever working in The Netherlands and New York offices and is now the Founder of the Institute for Real Growth (IRG) - a not-for-profit organization that helps CMOs and other growth leaders drive humanized growth.

Earlier Marc co-founded EffectiveBrands (2001), a global marketing leadership consultancy which later became a part of the the WPP group.Marc has learned from and collaborated with many of the world’s most prominent Chief Marketing Officers, and he is a frequent keynote speaker at business schools, companies, and industry conferences.

In this inaugural episode of The Super CMO Show, Swami and Marc discuss:

  • How Marc found his true calling in Marketing
  • How marketing influences the strategic direction of companies
  • The Da Vinci CMO model
  • Being an effective CMO
  • Tips for future marketers
  • Brand insights with Dove, Nike, Patagonia, Tide & Colgate
  • How technology, creativity and emotion drive marketing

and much more.

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