Inventopedia - Stories of Inventors and Their Inventions


We live in a complex world where we are surrounded by things and gadgets that make our life, well, let’s say easy. But in this busy schedule, when we take most of things for granted, we hardly pause for a second to think about how this thing came into being and who the brains behind it were. We often use the phrase "Necessity is the mother of all inventions" but do you know a ton of the world inventions were actually accidental?

The inventions that changed the world on its head and became a part of our daily lives have often an interesting story to tell - a story that can be a great source of inspiration and is in itself an epitome of resilience, and of perseverance. These are the stories that can act as a guiding light for the young kids of today and encourage them to continue to pursue their dreams in the face of adversity. And that is what we are here to bring to you in our latest podcast “Inventopedia – Stories of Great Inventors and Their Inventions".

We talk about the facts, the circumstances, the accidents, the heartbreaks, and the “Eureka” moments when all the years of hard work came to fruition and sometimes resulting in big acknowledgments like Noble Prizes. So if you are a science buff like the team at Chimes Radio, quench your thirst with us, and let’s go on a journey around the world talking about some of the great inventors and their inventions that changed the world.

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