JTET - J2 Round 27 / J3 Round 19 Review

The J-Talk Podcast

Jul 29 2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

A bit later than planned this week (sorry!), a bumper JTET is live just in time for the next round of J2 and J3 fixtures.

In this episode, we start with James Taylor and Jon Steele reviewing all of the weekend J2 action (Start to 15:00).

After that, it's 'Two Jonnies' time as Jon Steele sat down with Jonny Nicol (@BlogGamba on Twitter) to cover a veritable smorgasbord of J.League topics.

The Jonnies started off with some J1 chat, covering last weekend's rescheduled Kobe v Kawasaki fixture and some thoughts on the overall state of the top flight at the summer break (16:40 to 30:00).

The gents then shared some opinions on the latest round of big club summer friendlies to hit Japan, with ticket prices at the top of the agenda (30:00 to 40:00).

After that, the boys shifted gears to talk J2, starting with a deep dive on Gunma and Iwata after their 1-1 draw on Sunday evening (40:00 to 51:00), then a more open-ended chat on the state of J2 in general with 15 rounds left to play (51:00 to 01:00:00).

Keeping things moving, Jon and Jonny talked about some of the recent eye-catching J2 transfers that have taken place (01:00:00 to 01:10:00), then previewed the upcoming Round 28 matches (01:10:00 to 01:20:00).

With the Jonnies exhausted, Mike 'The Magic' Innes, took control of the show after that for his regularly-scheduled 'J-Talk: Short Corner' mini-pod (01:20:00 to Finish). Mike has all of the reviews from J3 Round 19, plus a look ahead to the upcoming weekend's Round 20 matches.

Thanks for your patience with the slow upload this week - enjoy the episode!

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