JTET - J2 Round 34 / J3 Round 26 Review

The J-Talk Podcast

Sep 15 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

Just in time for the weekend's games, another all-new JTET episode is ready for launch!

This week, we begin with Jon Steele reviewing all of the action from the most recent round of J2 matches (Start to 17:00).

After that, Jon was joined by special guest Daniel Kuroda (@NagaSapo_EN on Twitter) for an in-depth discussion about Nagasaki's season so far. The boys talked about Nagasaki's come-from-behind home win against Gunma (17:00 to 23:50), then chatted about how Daniel is feeling about the 2023 campaign as a whole (23:50 to 46:10).

Jon and Daniel then took a detailed look at the upcoming J2 Round 35 fixtures in a weekend preview (46:10 to 55:35).

With J2 thoroughly analyzed, Mike 'The Magic' Innes brings things home with the regular 'J-Talk: Short Corner' mini-pod (55:35 to Finish). As always, Mike has all of the news, reviews, and previews to keep you up to date with the state of play in J3.

Hope everyone enjoys the show!