JTET - J2 Round 29 / J3 Round 21 Review

The J-Talk Podcast

Aug 12 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Summer holidays be damned, JTET is back with another roundup of all the latest news from Japan's J2 and J3 Leagues!

In this episode, we start with a blow-by-blow account of last weekend's J2 action (Round 29 of the season) from James Taylor and Jon Steele (Start to 16:30).

After that, the boys sat down together to review last midweek's Emperor's Cup Round 4 ties that featured a J2 participant, and lavished praise on first-time quarter-finalists Rosso Kumamoto (16:30 to 43:00).

James and Jon then previewed all of the forthcoming Round 30 fixtures in J2 (43:00 to 51:40).

Then to top things off, Mike 'The Magic' Innes is on hand with 'J-Talk: Short Corner' (51:40 to Finish) - Mike has all of the action from a busy Round 21 slate of J3 matches, and he also previews this weekend's Round 22 fixtures to boot.

Hope everyone enjoys the show, and the summer break!

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