JTET - J2 Round 32 / J3 Round 24 Review

The J-Talk Podcast

Sep 1 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

This week's soaraway JTET has finally landed!

To kick things off, there's a full review of last weekend's J2 action with James Taylor (Start to 06:30), and Jon Steele (06:35 to 15:50).

After that, Jon had the chance to sit down and chat with Richy Palmer about some of the big talking points from the 2nd tier. The gents talked about Tochigi v Mito (15:55 to 26:00), Yamaguchi v Kofu (26:00 to 32:45), and Kumamoto v Iwaki (32:45 to 42:15).

Jon and Richy then previewed the midweek Emperor's Cup tie between Kumamoto and J1 big boys Kobe (42:15 to 45:40), and looked ahead to the weekend's slate of J2 matches (45:40 to 54:00).

Finally, the ever-reliable Mike Innes has all of the J3 news, reviews, and previews in 'J-Talk: Short Corner' (54:00 to Finish).

Hope everyone enjoys the show!