Your Summer Cookout Just Got More Expensive

The Dawn Stensland Show

28-06-2022 • 41 mins

Hour 2 of The Dawn Stensland Show:

  • Violent crime, specifically homicides and shootings, continues to plague Philadelphia. Is this, alarmingly, the new normal?
  • Charles McElwee—Editor of RealClearPennsylvania—joins the show to talk about the impact Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and subsequent repeal of Roe v. Wade, will have on the Pennsylvania Senate and Gubernatorial elections in November. Will the Supreme Court upending Roe result in higher voter turnout for the Democrat party?
  • According to the DailyWire, “the average cost of a summer cookout” has increased by 17% from last year. In 2021, during 4th of July weekend, the Biden Administration bragged about consumers saving an average of 16 cents on their summer cookouts.