Ep 142- Endocrine Disrupters & Environmental Toxins with Dr. Vivian Chen

UpliftFit Nutrition

26-06-2021 • 44 mins

Super stoked today to talk about endocrine disrupters and environmental toxins today with Dr. Vivian Chen- aka @plateful.health on IG!

We discuss:

-“Non toxic living”- what does it mean?
-The importance of a water filter- what is in our water? What are your favorites filters and what are the different types and uses? What about water testing?
-Indoor air contaminants- how do these impact our health? What can overburden our toxin bucket in our air? How can we help reduce this? Do you have favorite air filters and why?
-Cleaning products- why should be care and what should we look for or avoid?
-How do we push through the “green washing”?
-What are some easy swaps people can make to reduce their toxin bucket?

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