Ep. 109- Advanced Nutrient Timing to Achieve Your Best Physique with John Gorman

UpliftFit Nutrition

02-02-2020 • 52 mins

This episode dives into advanced meal timing & nutrient timing strategies to help you achieve your BEST physique. This is not for newbies- we dive into the nitty gritty here for pre, post, and intra workout nutrition and discuss the what's and whys. Thank you to John Gorman for coming on to chat with me! Outline of what is discussed with some notes from the episode: -What to question for total timing: GOAL? Type of training? Food intake? Digestion? -Meal timing goals: 1. Optimize MPS 2. Balance blood sugar 3. Aid digestion 4. Manage Hunger 5. Fit client’s schedule -Timing pre & post & intra- including practical examples. Practical Approaches: -Pre: low GI or mix low GI/high GI, moderate fat/fiber, based on total meal timing, use multiple transportable carbs (translocation of receptors) -Peri: dependent on total intake, recovery, training intensity/length, goal to enhance performance, decrease fatigue, manage MPB and cortisol, 15-25g cyclic dextrin with 10g EAAs or 15g whey -Post: dependent on pre & peri timing; Insulin sensitivity importance Also discussed: -Insulin sensitivity -Stimulating MPS & preventing MPB (# meals with servings of protein & leucine, AA content, mixed meals & plasma leucine) -Hypoglycemia mid workout prevention -Electrolytes -Water -Handling digestion & best strategies to optimize -How meal timing effects recovery -Fasted workouts & training -Balancing blood sugar -BCAA vs EAAs- what, why, and when? -Smart snacks -Timing examples & how timing impacts need/changes for meals My info: Website: www.upliftfit.org Instagram: www.instagram.com/faithandfit Twitter: www.twitter.com/laceyadunn Coaching and email: fitandfaith@gmail.com John's Info: Instagram: @team_gorman Email: john@team-gorman.net Website: www.team-gorman.net Podcast: www.elitephysiqueuniversity.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/upliftfitnutrition/support