Ladies Talking Love

Ariel Finlinson

This podcast and community create a safe space for women to find support, inspiration, and tools to uncover more joy and fulfillment in sex. Everyday women share stories, successes, and struggles, and experts give insights, address relationship/sexual challenges, and teach practical tools to help you embrace your sexuality. Join Ariel Finlinson as we talk about influences such as connection, culture, body image, religion, and anatomy. Together, let’s create a world where women’s sexuality is celebrated and understood, beginning with our own. Join the conversation @ladies.talkinglove on Instagram or visit This podcast does not replace professional or medical advice. We will be talking about sex, so some content may not be suitable for children and could be triggering to some individuals. Everything discussed is for general information only and is not to be used to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions. read less