Doppelganger Finder App (Allie Goodwich)

Creativity Wasted

18-06-2022 • 12 mins

Idea: An app to help you search for a doppelganger (i.e. someone who looks exactly like you) on the Internet, and if it finds someone (or if you see one, such as in an advertisement), it helps you get in contact with them, so you can meet up and do pranks and other fun stuff together. Also: sharing a job and health insurance with your doppelganger; seeing a doppelganger in a photo and wondering if it was actually you in the photo and that maybe you have undiagnosed amnesia or DID (dissociative identity disorder); Liberace and using plastic surgery to create a doppelganger; a similar app that finds your "psychic soulmate" from a psychic's sketch

Chris Young ( Comedy Special Video: Allie Goodwich ( Alex Plotkowski ( Tom Walma (

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