Pets on Cannabis w/ Dr. Conny Mosley

Doctors on Cannabis

Feb 24 2021 • 28 mins

Join us for Pets on Cannabis, where we interview veterinarian Dr. Conny Mosely, boarded anesthesiologist and co-founder of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine (CAVCM) - established in 2018 to educate fellow veterinarians on the use of cannabis with pets.

In this episode, we’ll discuss what kind of pets can benefit from cannabis - from dogs and cats to horses. We’ll also learn the similarities and differences between how humans and animals process cannabis as well as the differences between animals themselves. We’ll then dive into the types of ailments that cannabis can help alleviate in pets as well as how to dose and what to look for on the packaging. We’ll even get into the black market for cannabis pet products and how that affects our furry friends.  If your fur baby suffers from arthritis or anxiety, this episode is for you!

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