The Power Play

Natasha Zayts

This every episode we will be exploring a new power move!
We will delve into various aspects of power dynamics, including leadership, influence, negotiation, and decision-making in different contexts such as business and personal relationships. Providing valuable insights, strategies, and perspectives on the dynamics of power in various contexts, aiming to empower and educate listeners on how to navigate and harness power effectively.

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Time Management: Where Integrity Meets Productivity
Oct 4 2023
Time Management: Where Integrity Meets Productivity
In this thought-provoking episode of The Power Play Podcast, we dive deep into the fascinating intersection of time management and personal integrity. Join us as we explore how the way you manage your time reflects not just on your productivity, but on your character. Time is a finite and precious resource, and how we choose to spend it speaks volumes about our commitment to our goals, promises, and values. When we manage our time effectively, we not only boost our productivity but also uphold our integrity. If you want an additional resource, you can download there here!Discover the profound connections between time management and integrity as we discuss:The relationship between keeping promises to yourself and managing your time.How aligning your time with your values enhances your sense of purpose.Practical strategies to improve your time management skills while strengthening your integrity.Whether you're an entrepreneur striving for success, a student managing a busy schedule, or simply looking to live a more intentional life, this episode will provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips to elevate your time management skills and bolster your personal integrity.Join us on this enlightening journey where we uncover the profound truth that time management isn't just about productivity; it's about becoming the best version of yourself. Tune in now to explore how "Time Management: Where Integrity Meets Productivity" can revolutionize the way you approach your daily life.