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Welcome to the Tarka Journal Podcast. In this podcast, Tarka’s Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Corigliano and Editorial Director Jacob Kyle have conversations with colleagues and with each other about topics explored in the Tarka Journal and about topics from the broader landscape of yoga, dharma, and contemplative and religious studies.

Tarka is a quarterly journal that explores yoga philosophy, contemplative studies, and the world’s wisdom and esoteric traditions. The journal’s guiding mission is to dissolve the institutionzlied boundaries between scholarly, devotional, and embodied methods, in an effort to forge a new paradigm of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research and practice. For subscriptions to Tarka in print and/or digital, head to embodiedphilosophy.com/tarka

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On the Role of the Guru with Hari-kirtana das, Ken Rose, Trish Tillman & Stephanie Corigliano
Nov 14 2023
On the Role of the Guru with Hari-kirtana das, Ken Rose, Trish Tillman & Stephanie Corigliano
About the GuestsHari-kirtana das is a yoga teacher, spiritual mentor, and author. He's been practicing devotional yoga and various other yogic disciplines for the better part of the last 50 years, has lived in yoga ashrams and intentional spiritual communities, and has a talent for making complex ideas about spiritual philosophy easy to understand.  Kenneth Rose, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and professor of philosophy and religion. As a scholar-practitioner, he specializes in comparative religion, comparative mysticism, and spirituality. Trish Tillman is a history professor and yoga teacher in the Washington, DC area. She holds a Ph.D. in History from the Catholic University of America and teaches at the University of Maryland - Global Campus. Trish has been steadily involved in the study and practice of Bhakti yoga, via her teacher, Hari-kirtana das.  Stephanie Corigliano is the editor for Tarka at Embodied Philosophy. She works as a lecturer in the Religious Studies department at Cal Poly, Humboldt. Stephanie holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Theology from Boston College University and an MA in Theology from Loyola Marymount University.   In this episode, we discuss: The concept and role of the guru in present-day spheres of yoga and academia.The overlaps and differences between guru and teacher.What the yogic tradition has to say about the qualifications of a guru and misconceptions about the role.The emergence of scholar-practitioners in academic religious studies and its impact.Why the guru role is still relevant. The debate over female gurus within the Hare Krishnas in the West as a microcosm of the larger debate over female gurus and spiritual authorities.How the guru role may evolve in our unbounded, modern time.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.