Is Pharmacology Difficult Podcast RECEPTOR DRUG MECHANISM-1


22-09-2021 • 8 mins

Welcome all to IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT Podcast! I am Dr Radhika Vijay.
Essence of Friendship is in "Sincerity" and "Frankness" of thoughts and words, else it becomes senseless.
Today's dialogue is all about Receptor mechanisms of drug action. Actually we are starting it! Initially I will talk about about definition of receptors, and a few more terms to comment upon and define to ge to furnish our concepts and understanding of the detailed theory of receptor action mechanism in a smooth and wonderful way. Future holds diving in depth of the subject, so its always good to get acquainted with the Vocabulary, it really helps to enrich one's knowledge!!
With dialogue about receptor, agonist , antagonist, partial agonist and ligand, I will be building up the vocabulary to understand the future details nicely!
Pointing to the noise of ticking clock, I will be wrapping up to avoid further confusions and strains, , Always keep in mind, "Early to rise gonna make you real wise"!!!
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