Is Pharmacology Difficult Podcast BETA RECEPTOR AGONIST DRUG (LONG ACTING)


Feb 21 2023 • 10 mins

Welcome all to IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT Podcast! I am Dr Radhika Vijay.

In today's episode, the nucleus of the talk is "Long Acting Beta 2 Receptor Agonist Drugs".

Salmeterol highlights will be the ribbon cutter while subsequent discussions will all be centered around Formoterol, Arformoterol.

Second head of drug details comprise of Very Long Acting Beta 2 Receptor Agonist drugs like Olodaterol, Indacaterol, Vilanterol.

I will be discussing all the important features, dosing schedules, uses, side effects and Combinations as drug dosages available in the market related with each of the above stated drugs.

To complement the signing off my speech, I would share my special poetic expressions about Willow tree that recently caught my attention :)

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