11-08-2022 • 9 mins

Welcome all to IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT Podcast! I am Dr Radhika Vijay.

In today's episode, I will be discussing effects and applications of Anticholinergic drugs- Atropine and congener drugs on Sweating and also on Genitourinary system.

To begin with, effects on sweating will be discussed, details like mechanism, Atropine fever , etc will be covered.
In next step, Anticholinergic drug effects on Genitourinary system will be discussed. Under this head all details will be covered and many congener drugs will be listed and discussed.

Drugs like Dicyclomine, Oxybutynin, Valethamate, Drotaverine, Tolterodine, Papaverine, Fesoterodine, Flavoxate, etc will be thrown light upon.

This inflow of knowledge and information will be halted to resume and revive back in short duration, Chao till next conversation... Vous Parle Bientot! (Talk to you soon!)

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