26-08-2021 • 8 mins

Welcome all to IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT Podcast! I am Dr Radhika Vijay.
In today's episode I will be further stating the essence of Pharmacodynamics especially the introductory part!
Initially I will be stating various drug mechanisms like Activation, Inhibition, Complexation and Neutralisation. All discussion is supported with examples, then I will tell most importantly that Drug mechanism can be receptor or non receptor mediated.
Then I will start off with Elaborations about Enzymes, very detailed and specific conversations about Enzyme Stimulation and Enzyme Induction, their essence and differences.
All this talk will be the meat and potatoes of today's verbal session.
Withdrawing my words after enlisting important enzyme inducers, I promise to continue in next episode, not making too much of the talk just for the sake of few minutes, hoping a magnificent, spiritual Thursday for all!!
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