Out-takes from the PGA rules and David fires up Rossco | THE GRQ PODCAST EP 40

The GolfRules Questions Podcast

08-06-2021 • 54 mins

Episode 40 - Blakey Is Back

A group of four players, having a good day until they get to the Par 5 seventh hole
From the tee Player A and Player B slice their balls into right rough Player C and Player D hit ok down the middle of the fairway.
Second shot Player B arrives in the right rough and plays a ball which he hits somewhat across the fairway to rough on the left hand side.
Player A arrives and plays a ball from near where B played his shot, and hits down the right side of the fairway. Player C hits his second shot into the rough on the left hand side of the fairway. Similar place to where Player B just hit his shot into.
Player D hits his shot down the middle again.
Third  shot Player B arrives in the left rough and hits a ball to the green. Player C from similar place in left rough hits ball to green. Player A arrives at his ball to play his third shot and announces "I have hit the wrong ball" At the green When they hear Player A call about hitting the wrong ball. Players B and C proceed to the green, then mark and examine the balls they played. Both Player B and Player C announce "I have hit the wrong ball also".

The answer is:
There were no other balls on the course, not any stray balls or other players' balls.
Player A hit one wrong ball, incurs one general penalty and must go back to his tee shot to play his ball, lying three.
Player B hit two wrong balls, but only incurs one general penalty as the second wrong ball was a related act. Player B must go back to where his tee shot landed, lying 3.
Player C hit one wrong ball, incurs one general penalty and must go back to where his second shot came to rest, lying 4.
Player D incurs no penalties.

While I was away: Victoria went into another lockdown

Phil Mickelson won the PGA Championship And we had some Rules scenarios of course

Brandan Grace’s Ball Embedded in Sand - https://youtu.be/MxC9GTqzaEE

Phil Worsens His Conditions - https://youtu.be/FKrxXXY41ao

Phil Drops on the Putting Green - https://youtu.be/ABSR2U9TozE

Spectator Touches Phil’s Ball - https://youtu.be/km9C_VEGXqQ

Phil and Louis go in the same penalty area - https://youtu.be/1H7wexNcJhY

During my break I was also able to get up to the alpine region of Victoria, and it was the perfect time to be there around April for the autumn colours. Myself and my videographer friend Henry Peters went for a journey of exploration and got some footage of the courses, the region and of course some Rules situations.

Background Bingo -
Rossco - Donegal GC, Murvagh, Ireland
Blakey - Myrtleford GC, Victoria, Australia

GRQotW 40 Fraser walks into the bunker that his ball is at rest in, and tests the depth of the sand with his feet by digging in when taking his reasonable stance. Does Fraser incur any penalties?