Soft Piano Music by Richard Pryn

Richard Pryn

Soft, delicate piano pieces that capture the beauty and fragility of improvisation. All the natural ambience and sounds of the player and his surroundings are captured (including the odd passing car and playing children).Listen to the live recordings of multi-award winning composer Richard Pryn composing on his upright piano. These sessions are recorded in his home studio in Oxfordshire each morning during the week.Started in lockdown during the Corona virus pandemic. Richard wanted to practice what he preaches, to compose something each and every day (apart from weekends as Rich likes spending time with his family). Much like an artist would use a sketchbook, Richard wanted to use these pieces as a way to be always sketching and creating new works. Just for the love of it. If you are a fan of ambient, cinematic and post classical music then you will love this podcast. New music every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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