Ep44: The Fires of Heaven, Chapters 20 - 25

Blood and Ashes: A Wheel of Time Spoilercast

17-06-2022 • 2 hrs 35 mins

And just like that we're back from the dead! Well, a 2 week break, but it feels like forever!

In this episode we cover, basically, a long walk through a mountain pass. Rand and the Aiel come across a village at the mouth of Jangai Pass that's been ravaged by the Shaido, and Rand has to start managing the Aiel perception and treatment of wetlanders.

Rand and Aviendha continue their dance of cluelessness vs. stubborness, Mat goes one on one with a Fade and Egwene meets up with Elayne in T'A'R to exchange information.

Egwene also draws the unwated attention of Moghedien in the world of dreams, walking into traps she doesn't even understand. Hell, we don't even understand them!

Send in all your thoughts, corrctions, theories, a glimmer of an explanation to the dreams discussion we have toward the end (PLEASE!) and just about anything you can think of using the links below!

Mo, Willie and Jody