Ep37: The Shadow Rising, Chapters 49 - 52

Blood and Ashes: A Wheel of Time Spoilercast

11-02-2022 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Hello friends! Things are really starting to hot up now...

Rand and friends arrive at Cold Rocks hold and get a crash course in Aiel custom. Rand ingratiates himself with the Maidens of the Spear, but the hold is attacked in the night by trollocs and multiple Draghkar! But not before Rand has a steamy Waterwood dream...

In Tanchico our intrepid investigators have located the Black Ajah sisters, and after a bit of dream exploitation they also find the object they're looking for: The Domination Bands. Nynaeve also runs into the panarch, some Black Ajah, and oh, one of the Forsaken while in the world of dreams. Yikes!

We're barreling toward the climax of this book and it's fantastic. So after you've listened to the episode get in touch and send us your thoughts!


Mo, Willie and Jody