Ep40: The Fires of Heaven, Prologue - Chapter 3

Blood and Ashes: A Wheel of Time Spoilercast

08-04-2022 • 2 hrs 34 mins

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! A new episode and a new book!

Right off the bat we get into some serious plotting. First between Elaida and her cronies and then 4 of the Forsaken working together! For now...

Meanwhile Rand is in Rhuidean planning his next move and taking Saidin 101 with his pet Forsaken bard, while Mat spends his time gambling, drinking and philandering.

We also join up with the White Tower escapees as they come face to face with none other than Gareth Bryne himself! Setting into motion a chain of events with massive repercussions.

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Mo, Willie and Jody