Ep29: The Shadow Rising, Chapters 5 - 10

Blood and Ashes: A Wheel of Time Spoilercast

27-08-2021 • 2 hrs 53 mins

I hope you like The Stone of Tear, because we're still here. Much to the frustration of Moiraine.

The girls are having no luck squeezing information out of the captured Black Ajah sisters. And Moiraine is having no luck pushing Rand into action.

Elayne is trying to process her feelings for Rand, so after she and Egwene take a crack at learning something about Saidin and Saidar and their differences, Elayne hangs back and declares her feelings for Rand. Sort of.

Speaking of hanging, Rand is starting to consider it as a suitable treatment for the High Lords of Tear. Can't say I disagree.

Then all hell breaks loose when Lanfear shows up and Rand's hand is forced to make a decision about what happens next. Exciting stuff indeed!

We also reference two episodes of The Podcast of the Dragon. They are Episode 25: The Power of Nope and Episode 26: Thus Do We Sing the Beginning. Great content and I highly recommend them both, especially Episode 25.

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Enjoy, friends!

Mo, Willie and Jody