Talking Leadership with Henkel's Antoine Collette: Driving Growth through Trust, Transparency and Curiosity (January 2022)

The FMCG Guys

25-01-2023 • 39 mins

The FMCG Guys are joined by Henkel's SVP Beauty EMEA Antoine Collette on this episode.

In this conversation, you'll learn about Antoine's leadership journey across different countries and companies, from his first leadership experience through his current role heading up a multi-country region, and all the learnings in between, such as:

  • Leading a team for the first time
  • Balancing hands-on execution and strategy
  • Managing up and down in an organization
  • Giving your team opportunities to shine
  • Setting a vision with purpose and clear action
  • Managing different cultures when going abroad
  • Leaning into curiosity doing COVID

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